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China Press/Corporate Summary Ahead of Open   
Sun, 05 Jul 09:30 PM EST/02:30 AM GMT
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Following Chinese stock market plunged by over 10% over the week and nearly 30% slump since mid-June. Chinese regulators rolled out more measures over the weekend.

CSRC said on Friday that the approval of IPO applications won't stop but numbers of IPOs and capital raising will drop in the future to reduce the supply of stocks.

Meanwhile, 28 companies that have been approved for IPOs would postpone follow-up issues.

CSRC also said that China Securities Finance Co (CSF) will boost its capital base to approximately CNY100B from CNY24B to help stabilize the stock market. PBoC will assist to provide all needed liquidity to stabilize the stock market.
In addition, CSRC will support domestic and international long-term funds into China capital market by increasing QFII quota and expanding RQFII regions.

On Saturday, 21 major securities brokers in China made announcement to invest no less than CNY120B or 15% of total net assets on ETFs tracking blue chips. China-owned investor Central Huijin also confirms its recent purchase on ETFs and will continue to do so.

25 publicly offered funds in China issued statement over the weekend committed to buying shares. Another 69 fund companies said to do the same to help stabilize the market.

Premarket movers:
- CITIC Securities 600030.CN +10.0%, Everbright Securities 601788.CN +10.0%, Guotai Junan Securities 601211.CN +10.0% (investment in blue chip ETFs, to halt lending securities for short selling)
- ICBC 601398.CN +7.9%, BoCom 601328.CN +9.9%, Bank of China 601988.CN +8.7%, CCB 601939.CN +8.0% (
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